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Founded in 2009, LobbyIt.com burst onto the political scene and rewrote the books on lobbyists and the lobbying industry. Now nationally recognized and critically acclaimed for our groundbreaking business model, we’ve secured our place among DC’s top lobbying firms. Take a tour of our website to see how affordable pricing, transparent offerings and clearly defined deliverables can help your organization find legislative and regulatory success.

You Too Can Have a Voice on Capitol Hill

Why you need an effective lobbyist right now…

Every single day government is making decisions with far reaching implications. Whether you’re a business, association or municipality you have already been affected by these actions. Taxes you pay and regulations you adhere to are constantly subject to change. A damaging bill or rulemaking could drastically limit sustainability and inhibit revenue growth.

That all said, if no one knows you exist, how could they ever take your needs into consideration? Having a federal lobbying presence is an absolute necessity in our current economic climate. Projecting a strong and ever-present voice to stakeholders in Congress and the Administration is essential for issues and concerns to be heard. Having the right lobbyists at your disposal will ensure timely responses to government actions impacting your organization. In addition, the right lobbying firm can also help obtain earmarks, stimulus funding or positive regulatory changes.

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