A New Breed of Washington Lobbyist

Since the first lobbyists staked out politicians in a Washington hotel lobby, the lobbying industry has been portrayed (fairly) as existing only for the elite. Large corporations and their high priced representation have a stranglehold on the Capitol. The voices of most Americans are drowned out in a sea of money. The Founders never intended the government to work like this. Our elected representatives were intended to be available “for the redress of grievances by all Americans.”

The average Federal lobbyist charges tens of thousands of dollars per month! In addition, their vague, expensive offerings are generally tied to annual, inflexible contracts. This exorbitant pricing structure allows only a select few to have access to their elected leaders. Most businesses, associations, municipalities, and non-profit organizations can’t afford this representation and, as a result, they aren’t represented in Washington, DC.

Not being part of the conversation can cost these groups millions of dollars and, in some cases, their very right to exist. Every day, decisions are made inside the Beltway which have dramatic effects on the people who make America work. LobbyIt.com was formed to take back the lobbying industry. We provide basic and transparent services starting at just $995 per month. Our entire practice is structured to provide a voice to those who have been silent for too long.

LobbyIt.com’s new breed of lobbyists know the United States is supposed to be a government of the people and for the people. Let us help you get the most from your elected officials.