Federal Lobbying

Our offerings are tailored to meet every government relations need. Whether you want to establish a DC lobbying presence, closely monitor your important issues, or even try to get a law passed, our cost-effective government affairs plans provide the most affordable options for hiring a lobbyist in the entire industry.
Practice Areas

Practice Areas


Small and medium-sized businesses are affected every day by government actions, but they can’t afford to pay Microsoft-sized prices for Washington lobbying firms. This leaves the products and services they provide vulnerable to onerous regulation and unnecessary restraints. helps put these businesses in a position to protect their interests and keep a watchful eye on their government. Plus, our firm makes sure you, your successes, and your achievements are a source of pride for your relevant lawmakers.


Our firm is the most accessible government affairs option for associations in Washington and throughout the nation. Smaller associations have commonly been overlooked by government and most federal lobbyists. Our team can provide previously unrepresented industries a champion inside the Capitol. Also, our strong coalition-building skills provide the larger voice necessary to get your issue heard.


Many non-profits lack a voice in Washington, DC. Non-profits fill voids in society and provide services to the underserved and underprivileged. They need to focus on their vitally important missions, but they also need someone whose mission it is to look out for them. We can affordably protect the interests of non-profits and advance their issues before the lawmakers on Capitol Hill.


Federal dollars are extremely important to municipalities, especially in times of economic hardship. Unfortunately, the tens of thousands of dollars a month charged by large lobbying firms in DC are generally too cost-prohibitive for most municipal initiatives. Our team understands your needs and offers government affairs services at a price and accountability level consistent with your taxpayer demands. Be it a long battle or a short push, has a solution that will work for you.

Colleges & Universities

Our team’s education practice focuses on the unique needs of various colleges and universities. Despite the vital role of these institutions in providing crucial opportunities for millions of Americans, the majority have traditionally been unable to afford a voice in Washington DC. The economic downturn has made federal support for educational programs an absolute necessity to remain on the cutting edge. With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S., competition for these funds will be fierce. can provide the federal lobbying support necessary to secure these funds and let you put them to their best use.