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A non-profit arts education organization was seeking to raise their profile during a key anniversary and was looking to Capitol Hill for a key piece

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Automotive Industry

A large, internationally known automotive company had previously employed federal lobbyists and terminated the relationship because the 30,000 a MONTH price tag was cost prohibitive

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Industry Association

A small association with a limited budget was looking to add a federal presence and utilize it as an exciting benefit to both existing and

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A new health technology company had created a revolutionary product but was quickly running out of funding. After just one interview, they selected to

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Higher Education

A growing University was seeking to re-establish Congressional ties that had faded over the years. After considering multiple different firms, they selected to rebuild

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National Association

A large, national association had come to realize that they were drastically overpaying for lobbying services and getting very little in return. Communications and deliverables

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