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Albert Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” There is a lot of information available on the internet and, as we all know, not all of that information is accurate. Lobbyit is a firm of well-educated and experienced political advocates who believe in proving accurate answers to the questions of the public. Thus, we’ve built out a resources section full of exactly that: rich, accurate, factual information.



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Trump Tax Reform: Tax Cuts on Corporations and the Wealthy – What This Means for America

During President Trump’s campaign for the Oval Office, he promised to overhaul the federal tax structure for both businesses and individuals with major tax reforms. In the past week, what is slowly starting to emerge is more of a tax relief plan, which could still deliver on campaign promises. Trump’s…

Inside Look: Senate Democrats Challenge Trump with a $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

One of President Trump’s campaign proposals was to repair America’s infrastructure and update our roads, railways, electric grids, airports, bridges, waterways, and pipelines. In light of this, Senate Democrats have put together their own proposal that is somewhat different from Trump’s $1 trillion plan. There are several key differences between…

The Future of Small Business Regulations Under a Trump Administration (Part II)

In the previous segment, we reviewed how a Trump administration could impact small business owners with changes to Obamacare and the repealing of a few executive orders. In this segment, we will look at wages, taxes, and labor regulations. Federal Minimum Wage The federal minimum wage has been a hot…

The Future of Small Business Regulations Under a Trump Administration (Part I)

Whether you supported Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, now is the time to start considering the impacts the Trump victory will have on small business regulations in the coming years. There are several key areas president-elect Trump has stated he would target if he won the election. Now that he…

The Future of Labor Under a Trump Administration
(Part II)

In Part I of this two-part blog series, we started discussing how President Trump could influence and shape the future of labor and employment. Please feel free to review that segment, too, after reading this segment. As previously mentioned in Part I, Trump does have certain executive powers he can…

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