Our service offerings are tailored to meet every organization’s needs. Whether you want to establish a DC lobbying presence, monitor important issues at the federal or state level, grow your presence in the federal marketplace, or try to directly impact legislation or regulation, our cost-effective service tiers provide the most affordable and value-driven options in the industry.

Federal Government Affairs

Lobbyit specializes in designing and implementing sophisticated, robust federal advocacy strategies for organizations in any industry, of any size.  Whether legislative or regulatory, our scalable approach includes developing allies in Congress and the Administration, and in identifying and leveraging other like-minded organizations.  We tailor our advocacy approaches and materials based on extensive interaction with relevant officials, and work with clients to adjust our activity as conditions may warrant. Through our holistic, wrap-around approach to impacting public policy, we have successfully altered federal regulations at several administrative agencies, had legislation introduced and passed in successive Congresses, and securing much-needed funding for clients.

State Government Affairs

Often, national organizations deal with many policy and legal issues at the state level, but for a variety of reasons (primarily involving cost), focus primarily on federal activity. Lobbyit’s tools and resources allow us to monitor and identify pertinent state-level action, and our networks and relationships often provide us a means for effective advocacy on state legislation. We provide clients and their membership with a detailed list of all relevant state legislation, and concise analysis of those bills of greatest impact or importance. Not only does this provide a valuable benefit for association membership and an early-warning system for business clients, but also builds a grass roots network of engaged individuals and businesses, who can be called upon for broad-based advocacy when national issues arise.

Federal Grants & Congressional Funding

In the post-earmarks era, “plus-up” funding and agency grants are the most prominent avenues to secure federal financial support. Plus-ups are projects funded as a result of a non-public request by a Member of Congress. Existing programs receive additional funding to expand current operations in a manner targeted at a client project. Utilizing this process, we have been able to secure much-needed funding for clients. To find out if your organization is eligible, please contact us.

We also work with clients to identify grants for which they are eligible, and assist them with application and award process. Upon the application’s submission, we build support with important congressional constituencies, including the applicants’ home Members, appropriate committees of jurisdiction, relevant caucuses, and other Members involved in that specific issue area to communicate support to the target agency/office.

Grassroots Outreach

Lobbyit has partnered with SalsaLabs to provide a powerful grassroots advocacy tool to our clients. By creating an “advocacy hub” (housed on our servers), we integrate seamlessly into a client’s website, providing a portal into a direct-contact advocacy tool for grass-roots activism.  The advocacy hub contains various types of advocacy materials (depending on need), including letters of support/opposition for distinct issues, call scripts, talking points, etc. for client priorities.  Whether the issue is at the federal or state level, the advocacy hub allows clients and client membership to tailor the communication as appropriate and send it directly to officials at the federal, state, and even local level. Using this tool, we have successfully generated over 1,200 direct contacts with important officials, moving the dial significantly on several pieces of legislation and pending agency rules.  The advocacy hub tool can truly expand an organization’s reach and efficacy.

Business Development

The amount of money the U.S. Government (USG) spends on goods and services every year is truly staggering – the USG spends $80 Billion/yr. on IT alone!  Lobbyit is skilled at establishing or expanding client presence in the federal marketplace.  From initial identification of appropriate contract opportunities, to placement on the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), to exploiting federal contracting preferences and set-asides, to building appropriate political support within important constituencies, Lobbyit employs a multi-factor approach to growing a client’s federal business.  Whatever good or service is offered, Lobbyit learns the overall policy environment in that sector and links client proposals to other official USG goals and priorities, designing and implementing a wrap-around federal marketing strategy unlike any other.

Strategic Communications

For most associations and professional organizations, internal stakeholder engagement can be just as important as external advocacy.  We work with key stakeholders to develop a strategic plan to address the priorities of the organization and craft an effective messaging campaign to relay this agenda and progress to the rest of the organization and external stakeholders.


In addition to the huge advantages conferred on organizations utilizing our advocacy hub, harnessing the various communications pathways collectively understood as “social media” significantly increases organizational reach. Our professionals are skilled at strategic communications and public relations messaging, and will not only craft a strategy and design the appropriate content, but will also closely monitor the results of these efforts and make necessary adjustments to maximize the positive impact. Our team will analyze a client’s current web presence, including their website and social media activity. We will then craft and execute a full-scale social media strategy including cultivating social media relationships, engaging Members and staff, creating necessary supporting materials, and making necessary adjustments based on metrics.

PAC Services

Changes in campaign finance have opened up new avenues to approach lawmakers and better-position a client’s advocacy agenda, and the Political Advocacy Committee has emerged as the primary vehicle for maximizing campaign donations. We will set up a PAC that complies with the numerous laws and regulations governing them. Our team will develop and execute a donation strategy that will maximize the impact of the available funds, as well as perform all the back-end reporting and compliance steps necessary. Depending on the client’s availability and when appropriate, our team will attend events and fundraisers, developing the important relationships that oftentimes are necessary to accomplish major priorities on the Hill.


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