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Representing educational organizations—from universities and institutions of higher learning, to associations focusing on enriching the nation’s educational experiences—has long been a vital component of Lobbyit’s business. With clients like Texas Christian University, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Graduate School USA, and Young Audiences for the Arts in Education, our team serves as an active partner identifying new sources of funding, advocating on behalf of priority issues, and organizing Capitol Hill visits for students and faculty. If you are in the education field, you can be confident that our team understands your issues, and knows how to move the ball forward for you.

Services Our Education Lobbyists Provide

Lobbyit offers a wide spectrum of advocacy services at the state and federal levels to ensure that our clients have the tools and access necessary to influence emerging policies at the highest levels of our legislature. These services include:

  • Securing funds – Maintaining a reliable supply of financial resources is a paramount concern for educational institutions of all kinds. Our education lobbyists can push for increased budget allocations at the state or federal level by building support among policymakers and arguing for the benefits of greater investment in education to bolster student outcomes and foster a supportive environment for academic research. They can also identify new grant acquisition and tax incentive opportunities.
  • Advocating for policy reforms – Our lobbyists can help to shape and influence education policy reforms through legislation. They engage with lawmakers and mobilize support for modernizing federal laws or regulations that impact areas such as curriculum standards, accountability systems, anti-discrimination policies, school choice programs, or early childhood education initiatives.

As one of Washington DC’s premier education lobbying firms, Lobbyit is well positioned to aid you in making your voice heard in the corridors of the nation’s capitol. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

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