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There is an old adage in Washington: “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu”.  Not being part of the discussion can cost businesses and associations dearly when legislators and bureaucrats negotiate laws or rules under which we must operate. Every day, decisions are made inside the Beltway which have dramatic effects on the people who make America work. Lobbyit was formed to take back the lobbying industry. We provide basic and transparent services starting at just $995 per month.

Our structure and ethos eliminate the barriers to entry for those who, for too long, could not afford to participate in decisions that impacted their lives, businesses, and industries. Lobbyit’s new breed of lobbyists know the United States is supposed to be a government of the people and for the people. Let us help you amplify your voice in the corridors of power

Who We Serve

Since our founding, Lobbyit set out to differentiate itself and establish a track record of success for our clients. Our representation spans a wide policy portfolio, and our in-depth understanding of process, politics, and leverage has resulted in client success over the years. The Lobbyit model establishes meaningful relationships on Capitol Hill and enables our lobbyists to identify legislative champions for our clients at every level of decision-making in Washington, creating ladders of opportunity in both the federal and executive branches of government.

Our clients range from small associations to publicly traded corporations. Lobbyit is the government relations firm built for everyone, and ready for anyone.

Lobbyit set out to differentiate itself
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