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For many companies and associations, the reality is that federal legislation and regulations are not the only government actions impacting them. State legislatures and regulatory bodies also have substantial influence on numerous areas of operation and compliance. Unfortunately, most organizations lack the resources adequately track all this relevant state-level activity. This is where Lobbyit’s 50-state tracking service can prove invaluable. We will conduct a comprehensive search of all 50 states and identify any and all bills that may have an impact on your organization. Lobbyit further provides a report that lists all the appropriate bills and provides a link to the language. Given the vast amount of information generated, Lobbyit also sifts through the results, providing a list of bills that we determine to be of highest priority, and which may require state-level action. For such priority matters, we include a more in-depth analysis of the bill, and our team is available to craft a lobbying strategy should it be necessary.
Members of Congress are answerable to their constituents, and they place a great deal of emphasis on voter communications. The opinions of their constituents, properly stated, do have a huge impact on votes and other official activity. To best mine this trove of voter influence, Lobbyit partnered with a leading grassroots advocacy service provider to build an “advocacy hub” which allows this direct communication with important officials. The advocacy hub integrates seamlessly into our clients’ websites, allowing any organization to leverage its members and supporters, and communicate directly with target officials, whether at the federal, state, county or municipal levels. Lobbyit clients have effectively used this tool to communicate en masse with Members of Congress, resulting in favorable legislation, increased funding for vital programs, or assistance with federal Executive Branch agencies. Our team will craft a strategy and coordinate with the client to draft the content of each communication, whether it be a letter, talking points call scripts, etc. This service can also be used to target state legislatures and can be an incredibly cost-effective way to make an organization’s concerns heard at the state level, nation-wide
Utilizing social media can significantly increase a client’s reach and expand its audience, and works in concert with the Advocacy Hub and the other services that are a part of this tier. Our team will analyze a client’s current web presence, including their website and social media activities. Our professionals will not only craft and implement a social media strategy, but will also closely monitor the results of these efforts and make necessary adjustments to maximize the positive impact. Our solutions include a full-scale social media strategy including cultivating social media relationships, engaging Members and staff, developing appropriate content, selecting appropriate platforms, and initiation and management of the social media messaging and advocacy effort.

In recent years, earmarks have transformed into "community funded projects," limited to public and nonprofit organizations. This money is much more transparently scrutinized than in the past. While Lobbyit can help nonprofit organizations apply for this congressionally directed spending, we also provide expert grant writing services for our clients that are looking to secure federal funding outside of the legislative process. We will identify and inform our clients of any applicable federal grant opportunities and assist in the completion and submission of the grant application. Our work doesn’t stop, however, upon submission of the application — our team will then secure letters of support from key Members of Congress, particularly those that have funding responsibility for, or oversight of, the grant-awarding agency. In this manner, many organizations can not only continue their work, but also seize new opportunities for growth. 

Changes in campaign finance have opened up new avenues to approach lawmakers and better-position client project goals. Lobbyit will set up a PAC that complies with the numerous laws and regulations governing them, and develop and execute a donation strategy to maximize the impact of PAC activity. Depending on the client’s availability, when necessary, our team will attend events and fundraisers, developing the important relationships that oftentimes are necessary to accomplish major priorities on the Hill.
As part of general business development activities, Lobbyit can also assist clients in identifying alternative funding sources throughout government, typically at the agency level. Once identified, Lobbyit can assist in the drafting of proposals needed to secure vital capital. Success in such endeavors typically requires significant expertise and manpower to properly draft a winning proposal. This is why Lobbyit serves as a valuable partner which, for minimal relative cost, can help garner significant returns.

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