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How Lobbyit Compares with other Washington, D.C. Lobbying Firms

Your business and your life can be directly affected by decisions made in Washington DC every day. You need access to Congressional decision-makers and those who influence them, but until now, the big lobbying firms in Washington DC have only opened doors for those who can pay big fees.

LobbyIt is changing the rules of the lobbying game by making their services accessible to small and medium businesses, associations, non-profits, and municipalities. We offer clearly defined terms, expanded contract options, and reasonable, tiered pricing.

Take a look at the comparison chart below to see how we compare with typical, old-school Washington DC lobbyists. Then, call or email us to discuss how we can help your group or business break down those doors.

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  • Length of Contracts
  • Reporting
  • Pricing Quote
  • Pricing Levels
  • Congressional Updates
  • Deliverables
  • Cost


  • Short-term contracts
  • Comprehensive monthly reports
  • Set pricing
  • Tiered pricing structure
  • Daily Congressional Climate Newsletter
  • Clearly defined deliverables
  • Lobbying services starting at just $995/month

Traditional DC Lobbyists

  • Generally one or two-year commitments
  • Sporadic and unreliable updates
  • Vague pricing
  • No
  • No
  • Vague Offering
  • Average pricing $10-15K a month

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