Payton Zweifel

Payton Zweifel - Director of Government Communication

Payton Zweifel


About Payton Zweifel

Payton Zweifel’s journey at Lobbyit began in 2023 as she was welcomed aboard in Lobbyit’s constructive internship program. After the completion of her internship and her commitment to Lobbyit, her role evolved into a fundamental position on the team, bringing with her a fresh perspective and a solid understanding of the government relations process. 

Payton demonstrates a deep understanding of public policy and government relations in her role at the firm. She adeptly manages legislative tracking and office administration and executes key administrative tasks vital for the smooth functioning of our lobbying activities. Her responsibilities have broadened to include scheduling, managing client and legislation portfolios, and overseeing our year-round internship program. Her contribution to the firm is marked by a strong commitment to her role and a proven ability to navigate the complexities of our work. Payton’s diverse skill set and dedication significantly support our operational efficiency and prospective goals.

Payton’s background, marked by her academic pursuits in International Affairs, Ethnic Studies, and Geography from the University of Colorado Boulder, coupled with her participation in additional academic programs focused on Business and Government Relations and leadership roles, provided her with the necessary expertise, to emerge as an essential contributor to our team.


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