The Average Cost of Lobbying

Cost of Lobbying

The Average Cost of Lobbying

Business owners have invested a lot into their companies. Not only do they employ many people who help make their business a success, many owners also have a team that helps them make important decisions regarding the industry they’re a part of. What happens, however, when a new law affects that industry? Fortunately, business owners have a voice regarding any laws and policies being considered.

Through the use of a lobbyist, companies both large and small can help make their opinions known to the people who vote to pass different laws and policies. Business owners can choose to hire a lobbying firm in Washington, D.C to help promote their cause in Washington, D.C., sometimes being charged as much as $50,000 per month. Thankfully, there are other lobbyist options out there. Lobbyit is one of those options, with four different service packages that make it easy for business owners to make a smart financial decision.

The following infographic walks you through the different service packages available with Lobbyit. Each package is reasonably priced and includes a wide variety of services for clients. Continue reading to discover how Lobbyit can be your voice in Washington, D.C. without straining your budget.

The average cost of lobbying infographic

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