As a small business owner, you perform a delicate balancing act each day, weighing the costs of growing the business against the potential return on investment (ROI). When it comes to the cost of hiring a lobbyist, that return may seem harder to quantify than, say, investing in online advertising; plus, you couldn’t possibly afford to compete with the huge dollars spent in Washington by big businesses—or could you? The answer is yes, thanks to a new breed of DC lobbying firms that offer flexible, reasonable pricing geared to small businesses, non-profits, associations, and municipalities.

While individuals have the right to “petition the government” (see the First Amendment), there are endless advantages to hiring professionals to do the job on your behalf. The most effective lobbyists are often past government officials or legislative staff members, and others who have direct experience inside government. They have a network of relationships that give them access to decision-makers at every level, and the knowledge of when and where there’s a chance to influence those decisions in a client’s favor.

Old School vs. New School Lobbying

Big businesses and other big-budget entities pay as much as $50,000 per month for the services of top lobbying firms, and often without a clear-cut set of goals or regular reports on results. Still, the fact that over $3 billion per year is spent on lobbying in the U.S. indicates that these businesses are getting results. Their investments have helped shape the number and kinds of laws that regulate their industries.

Now, small businesses and organizations have a chance to make their voices heard and advance their concerns on key issues. Rather than asking if you can afford to hire a lobbyist, a better question might be, can you afford not to hire one? has helped to break the old-school mold by coming up with a tiered pricing structure designed to put the services of an innovative Washington D.C. lobbying firm within reach of just about everyone.

New Tiered Pricing has attracted new clients with a carefully tiered pricing structure, starting with a basic package of services for just under $1,000 per month. Even at this affordable level, clients gain a presence in Congress, including help with clarifying specific issues, tailoring messages, and opening a flow of communication. They receive monthly reports and legislative alerts, and hear about activity in Congress.

Popular as an introductory approach for those new to the federal government scene, Tier 1 services form the foundation for more packages with additional services. Tier 2 at under $2,000 adds detailed tracking and analysis of bills through Congress, with action recommendations, attendance at committee hearings, and more. It is suggested for businesses in highly regulated industries, or those who feel they have been harmed by past legislation.

Tier 3 offers a more intense, traditional style of advocacy, including to Congress and the Executive Branch as needed. It is suggested for clients concerned about harmful legislative activity, and may include involvement in regulatory drafting and other ways to influence public policy.

The newest package, Tier 4, is unique in the field of government relations. It prices out at less than $5,000 per month, while providing the most complete, intensive level of services. Clients seeking a broad national presence gain access to tools for building a grassroots network with local support.  Specifically, a customized online Advocacy Hub website enables communication among supporters and stakeholders, locally and around the globe. There are site visits by lawmakers and staffs, as well as annual Congressional visits on “the Hill,” and 50-state legislative tracking.

Back to ROI

Investment at any level has proven worthwhile for businesses, associations, non-profits, and municipalities, as illustrated in’s client testimonials. They report significant improvement in their Washington profile, achieving more refined strategies for targeted advocacy, and, ultimately, favorable legislative wins. For more information or a complimentary quote on specialized services, call 202-587-2736 or email

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