Carfax LobbyIt Client

“Lobbyit.com have proven to be a perfect fit for our government relations needs. We have a small government relations department covering all of North America at the federal, state and local levels. Their ability to bring our issues before the proper stakeholders has been impressive. They have helped us prepare the proper talking points to make sure our story is told and our issue addressed. I would highly recommend Lobbyit.com to represent any private sector or nonprofit organization before the federal government.”


“I can fully recommend the services of Lobbyit.com to anyone who is interested in having a dedicated legislative voice in Washington D.C. Our association has retained the services of several legislative firms with varying results and began our relationship with Lobbyit.com in mid-2009. They have been very attentive to our legislative agenda and have been quick to respond as those items that we have asked them to follow move through the lattice of the legislative process. Furthermore, I am very confident that they provide a value for our legislative funds that far surpasses our previous experiences.”


“The Brick Industry Association had lobbyists on payroll for many years as many trade associations do.  A few years ago when we were about to hire a lobbyist, we met with Paul Kanitra, Founder & President, Lobbyit.com.  Paul explained his business model to us and to be honest we were concerned about how responsive and effective our lobbying program would be if we outsourced it but we decided to give it a try.  It turned out to be a great decision.  Not only are our lobbying efforts far more productive and effective than they were before we outsourcing it to Lobbyit.com, it is far more cost effective as well.  The response time and customer service is very good and Lobbyit.com spent the time needed to learn the specifics about issues important to our industry.  Lobbyit.com was instrumental in gathering support on the Hill for the BRICK Act, a bill specific to the clay brick industry that would delay compliance with the EPA’s Brick MACT until all litigation has been resolved. Lobbyit.com even work with Congressional members and BIA in drafting the bill’s proposed language.  I strongly recommend Lobbyit.com; I couldn’t be happier with the results.   BIA’s lobbying efforts and the focus on issues important to our industry have never been better.”


“In my experience working in government relations over the past several years it is imperative that you have solid representation in Washington. Lobbyit.com has been the most effective lobbying firm I have ever worked with. They respond quickly to my company’s needs and provide valuable feedback. Paul Kanitra and his team provided excellent service at a fraction of the cost of other lobbying firms. I strongly recommend that companies that do business in Washington D.C. contact Lobbyit.com”


“I wanted to write to thank you and your colleagues for the quality work you are doing for the World Floor Covering Association(“WFCA”). Your work on behalf of WFCA and its members has been efficient and cost effective.

As you are aware, we spent almost a year searching for a lobbying firm to address the legislative and regulatory issues that impact WFCA and its members. In less than a year, your firm has raised the profile of the WFCA presence in Washington beyond anything we were able to achieve in the prior twenty years. We have been able to engage our members in the Association’s legislative program and there is genuine excitement over what we can achieve in the future working with you and your colleagues.

We are pleased with your efforts to keep WFCA and its members informed of important proposed legislation and regulations at both the federal and state level. You have also allowed us to have a voice on important legislation such as the Marketplace Fairness Act and the amendments to the Lacey Act.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and achieving even greater success.”


“The City of Plano hired Lobbyit in the Spring of 2012 with the goal of increasing our presence in DC. The value of our new relationship was quickly evident when we were successful in getting a bill on a critical issue passed through Congress. Paul and Nile have proven to have strong relationships with staff, committees, Congressmen and Senators and are focused on building long term relationships. Their team is attentive and responsive to the City’s information needs and agenda and our increased presence in DC is due in large part to the assistance of Lobbyit.”


“Lobbyit has provided outstanding support to our organization by identifying and monitoring relevant legislation, arranging meetings with congressional staff for our government relations chairs, and in all ways ensuring that our career counseling issues and concerns are addressed. They have greatly helped strengthen NCDA’s visibility and credibility with Congress and appropriate federal agencies.”

International Right of Way Association LobbyIt Client

“I am happy to share that Paul Kanitra and the Lobbyit.com staff have become strong advocacy partners of the International Right of Way Association. We began by introducing the association to key members and staff of the House and Senate Transportation & Infrastructure majority and minority committees and thanks to the work of Lobbyit.com, within twelve short months we have dramatically increased our visibility on the Hill. We are now busy honing our once broad message to a targeted advocacy strategy with Paul’s guidance, engaging our key volunteer leaders and senior staff in the process. We are delighted with the responsiveness and effectiveness of Lobbyit.com. They are proven professionals and high impact players for the IRWA.”


“As an industry trade association advocating for support of Career Technical Education, LobbyIt has enthusiastically embraced and approached our legislative goals, supplying us with information on all related bills, identifying legislators to visit, advising us on letter writing—and even introducing us to another of their clients with similar education-related objectives. They have been very responsive in communicating and we are extremely pleased to be working with them. We look forward to continuing and growing the relationship with LobbyIt throughout 2016 and beyond.”


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