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Ohio abortion bill awaits Gov. Kasich’s signature

Today’s Hill Action

Senate Floor Schedule
HR 34: 21st Century Cures Act
S 2943: Fiscal 2017 Defense Authorization

Committee Hearings
2:15 p.m.: Tribal Nation Land Buy-Back Program
2:30 p.m.: Critical Transportation Infrastructure Security

House Floor Schedule
HR 5143: Transparent Insurance Standards Act
HR 329: Indian Employment, Training and Related Services Consolidation Act
HR 3711: Chicano Park Preservation Ac
HR 5790: Federal Bureau of Investigation Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act
S 2971: National Urban Search and Rescue Response System Act
S 2846: Small Business Innovation Protection Act
HR 4298: Vietnam Helicopter Crew Memorial Act
HR 4919: Kevin and Avonte’s Law
S 2854: Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Reauthorization Act
HR 1219: Arbuckle Project Maintenance Complex and District Office Conveyance Act
S 3028: Daniel J. Evans Olympic National Park Wilderness Act

Committee Hearings
10:00 a.m.: ATT-Time Warner Merger
10:00 a.m.: Catfish Inspection Program Waste Duplication
10:00 a.m.: Historically Black Land Grant Educational Institutions
10:00 a.m.: Unconventional Monetary Policy
2:00 p.m.: California National Guard Bonus Repayment
2:00 p.m.: Patent and Trademark Office Time/Attendance Abuse

Insider-Trading Prosecutions Backed by U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a California insider-trading conviction in a ruling
that will make it easier for prosecutors to bring cases against some people on Wall
Street and in other parts of the country.

Ruling in its first insider-trading case in two decades, the justices unanimously said that people can be sent to prison for making trades even when the insider who provided the tip wasn’t trying to make money. The court said it’s enough if the insider gave the information as a gift to someone likely to trade on it.

The ruling, which came in the case of onetime Chicago grocery wholesaler Bassam
Yacoub Salman, resolves a question that had divided federal appeals courts. It restores
some, though not all, of the leverage lost by prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2014 when an appeals court in New York established new requirements
for insider-trading cases.

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Study: Uninsured rate could rise above pre-ObamaCare levels under repeal

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would drive the nation’s uninsured population
to levels even higher than before the law went into effect, according to an Urban
Institute study released Wednesday.

The number of uninsured people would more than double, increasing by 29.8 million
people by the end of President-elect Donald Trump’s first
term, with the biggest impact hitting lower-income families, the nonpartisan analysis

The 50-page study, written by several leading healthcare researchers, offers the most comprehensive projections yet on a post-ObamaCare landscape in the wake of Trump’s election.
The research is based on the GOP’s repeal bill from 2015, which would strike down
the law’s mandates, subsidies and Medicaid expansion but leave in place some non-budget
related provisions.

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‘Cancel Order!’ Donald Trump Attacks Plans for Upgraded Air Force One

WASHINGTON – President-elect Donald J. Trump took a shot on Tuesday at one of the nation’s largest manufacturers, Boeing, sharply criticizing a pending order for a new Air Force One
and suggesting that the company was “doing a little bit of a number” with the cost of the next generation of presidential aircraft.

“Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs
are out of control, more than $4 billion,” Mr. Trump wrote
on Twitter. “Cancel order!”

Although his post attracted attention because it was about the most famous airplane
in the world, the significance may be broader: For perhaps the first time since
President John F. Kennedy took on the steel industry in the early 1960s, the heads
of big American companies are being confronted by a leader willing to call them
out directly and publicly for his policy and political aims.

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