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Today’s Hill Action
Senate Floor Schedule
The Senate reconvenes at 9:30 a.m. and will resume consideration of the nomination of John Kenneth Bush to be U.S. circuit judge for the Sixth Circuit. The Senate will take a cloture vote on the nomination at 10:30 a.m.
Committee Hearings
09:00am: Pending Nominations
10:00am: Pending Legislation
10:00am: Pekoske Nomination
10:00am: FCC Nominations
10:00am: Postal Service and Implications for the Hatch Act
10:00am: Kaplan/Emanuel Nominations
10:00am: Wildlife Protections
01:30pm: Pending Nominations
02:00pm: Intelligence Matters
02:00pm: Arreaga/Day Nominations
04:15pm: Rule of Law in Venezuela
House Floor Schedule
The House reconvenes at noon for legislative business. The chamber is expected to consider a bill (HR 2910) that would set statutory deadlines for the FERC and other federal agencies to act when considering certification or permits for the construction or expansion of natural gas pipelines and a bill (HR 2883) that would establish a new system for the approval and permitting of oil and gas pipelines and electrical transmission lines that cross the U.S. borders into Canada and Mexico.
Committee Hearings
09:30am: State-Foreign Ops/Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations
10:00am: Rural Infrastructure
10:00am: Endangered Species Act Reform Legislation
10:00am: Energy Innovation Technology
10:00am: Water Resources Reform Development
10:00am: Combating Medicare Waste-Fraud-Abuse
10:00am: Pending Legislation
10:00am: Budget Concurrent Resolution
10:00am: Pending Legislation
10:00am: Automated Vehicle Testing
11:00am: Reversing Entrepreneurship Decline
02:00pm: Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation Review
02:00pm: Restricting North Korea’s Access to Finance
02:00pm: Agricultural Guestworkers
02:00pm: Tax Reform
02:00pm: U.S.-Caribbean Strategic Engagement
02:00pm: Terrorist Travel Legislation
02:15pm: Saudi Arabia’s Troubling Educational Curriculum
02:30pm: Labor Fiduciary Rule Repeal
Tensions reach new high between Trump, GOP
Tensions are bubbling over between President Trump and Senate Republicans.

White House officials are blaming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for getting stuffed at the goal line on ObamaCare repeal-and-replace legislation, while GOP senators say Trump failed to provide any meaningful political momentum for the prized measure.

“He was of no help,” grumbled one GOP senator, who doubted that Trump would have done much to defend lawmakers from political attacks if the bill passed.

A member of Trump’s team says their boss bears no responsibility for the embarrassing loss because McConnell was in charge of putting together a Senate package. “This was McConnell’s deal,” said a White House official when asked what went wrong.
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Trump, Putin had second, undisclosed talk at G-20
President Trump held a second, informal talk with Russian President Vladmir Putin on the sidelines of the Group of 20 (G-20) summit in Hamburg, Germany, earlier this month, the White House confirmed Tuesday.

Press secretary Sean Spicer confirmed Trump and Putin spoke at the G-20 heads of state dinner, hours after their formal bilateral sit-down.

According to Tuesday reports, in their second conversation, Trump spoke with the Russian leader for roughly an hour, joined only by Putin’s translator. The meeting had previously gone without mention by the administration.

The White House confirmed that Trump and Putin spoke at a dinner for G-20 leaders and their spouses. But a White House official appeared to dispute that the discussion lasted an hour, saying the two only spoke “briefly” near the end of the dinner.
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Healthcare debacle raises pressure for GOP on taxes
The GOP’s setback on healthcare is raising pressure on Republicans to deliver a win for their party and the White House on taxes ahead of the midterm elections.

ObamaCare repeal and tax reform were two of the GOP’s biggest priorities at the start of the year, and expectations for success were high given the party’s control of the House, Senate and White House.
With the collapse of the Senate’s effort to pass healthcare legislation, the stakes are even higher for Republicans on tax reform.

Tax reform is “now increasingly important to the economy, and increasingly important to Republicans’ political prospects in the future,” Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist said.
In fact, given the healthcare debacle, Norquist warns GOP lawmakers up for reelection that tax reform “better be spectacular.”
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