You might think only big businesses rely upon lobbying firms to help lobby for their causes. However, people and businesses of all sizes can utilize lobbying efforts to ensure their opinions and voices are heard by lawmakers and politicians. Lobbying is an essential part of our democratic system and can help bring about change.

Whether you are a small business owner or part of an association, operate a nonprofit, are a university board member, or want to ensure your local municipality obtains federal funds, there are many reasons how lobbying can benefit you.

lobby for a good cause

  1. Lobbying Helps Influence Laws – Laws help bring about change, and people and groups of all sizes, with the support of lobbying firms, have brought about reforms to child care, social security, and the environment.
  2. The Work of One Can Make a Difference – All it takes is one person to initiate awareness about an issue and find others with the same ideals to start to bring about change. Whether it is something you are personally struggling with or a proposed change in the law you disagree with, your efforts are important and they matter. Reforms to child support laws across the country began with the efforts of a lone single mother.
  3. Politicians and Lawmakers Rely upon Input for Lobbyists – Public opinion about politics is often shaped by the amount of information and awareness provided by lobbyists. In turn, politicians and lawmakers listen to information they receive from lobbyists to help them make decisions. In addition, lobbying efforts help determine how federal and state budgets are developed and where the funds are spent.
  4. One Person’s Efforts Lead to People and Groups Working Together – As awareness of a cause is raised, it often leads to others with similar ideals and objectives. As people and groups start to form and combine their efforts, it brings about change. For example, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) came about after Candy Lightner founded the organization after a drunk driver hit and killed her daughter, Cari Lightner on May 3, 1980. Today, it is one of the most influential nonprofits that helps shape impaired and drunk driving laws nationwide. (Source:
  5. Lobbyists Help Create Real Solutions to Problems – Once a problem has been identified, lobbyists work with politicians and lawmakers to look for ways to resolve them, for the betterment of people. For instance, lobbyists made it possible for restaurants to donate food to homeless shelters and those in need in many areas where this was once against the law.

secure justiceWhile anyone can start lobbying efforts, it is often better to obtain help from a qualified lobbying firm, as there are specific guidelines, regulations, and reporting requirements. Plus, with the help of a lobbyist, your cause could grow and gather support more quickly. As it grows, the lobbyist is able to represent the entire group and their objectives. For more information about lobbying and what to do to get your voice heard by politicians and lawmakers, contact Lobbyit at 202.587.2736 now.