For the first time, federal lobbying services are being made accessible to the small and mid-size organizations that have previously been priced out of their own government. A new Washington, DC, based lobbying firm, (formerly Keys to the Capitol), is finally catering to these smaller organizations and opening the Capitol to the masses.

“Government decisions impact many groups every day, but for far too long only the biggest companies and associations have had the money to make Congress hear their voices.’said Founder and President Paul Kanitra. “We’re different. We’re the lobbyists for Main Street, not Wall Street.” works on a completely different business model than other federal lobbying firms. Rather than locking clients in to yearly contracts, the longest commitment LobbyIt requires is three months. Instead of using an opaque, case-by-case pricing structure (often running into the tens of thousands of dollars per month), offers three affordable pricing options, available to everyone. The firm also prides itself on clear, concise deliverables which holds the firm accountable for its results.

“The lobbying industry has embarrassed itself for years with ridiculous pricing models and murky practices,’said Kanitra. “Our goal is to get lobbying out of the smoky back rooms and into the sunlight, where everyone has a chance to participate.’ is a non-partisan, general federal lobbying firm opening with clients in several major practice areas including: municipalities, unions, higher education, associations, and small business. Each of these organizations is profoundly affected by the changes taking place in Congress, and is giving them a voice in the process.

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