Weekly Newsletter – Week of October 9, 2023


Headlines to Know:

House Republicans still unclear on how quickly they can elect a new speaker
– Last week, Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was ousted as the Speaker of the House after Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) forced a vote to vacate the Office of the Speaker. Representative Kevin McCarthy was ousted in a vote of 216 to 210.

– Following the ouster, House Republicans are scrambling to elect a new speaker. There have been talks of Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) or Steve Scalise (R-LA) angling for the position, but some members want Kevin McCarthy reinstated. The goal is to have an official vote on Wednesday to seat a Speaker and return the House to normal order.

– Additionally, due to the attacks on Israel, the House wants to speed up the process if a vote is needed to send aid or troops to assist in the conflict in the region.

‘Planes have already taken off’: U.S. sends Israel air defense, munitions after Hamas attack
– Due to the confrontation between Israel and Palestine over the past week, the Biden administration is surging weapons to Israel, rapidly sending air defenses and munitions in response to Israeli officials’ urgent requests for aid.

– This conflict is due to a lack of a two-state solution- Israeli settlements and the status of Jerusalem are at the core of this issue.

– A two-state solution is an agreement that would create a state for the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip alongside Israel. Hamas rejects the two-state solution and is sworn to Israel’s destruction.

– The U.S. is utilizing the defense department and U.S. central command- to determine which us inventory is available for Israels’ defense.

Other News to Know:

Trump fraud trial live updates: Ex-Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg expected to take stand
– The former president is facing allegations of defrauding lenders.

– Donald Trump, and his sons- New York Attorney General Letitia James accuses Eric and Don Jr., and Trump Organization executives of engaging in a decade-long scheme.

– In which they used “numerous acts of fraud and misrepresentation” to inflate Trump’s net worth while lowering his tax burden. The former president has denied all wrongdoing, and his attorneys have argued that Trump’s alleged inflated valuations were a product of his business skill.

– Trump’s defense insisted a pause was warranted given the magnitude of the potential consequences for Trump’s business. The trial is scheduled to resume Tuesday morning.

Washington, D.C. sees 38% surge in homicides, highest in 17 years
– Washington has seen a rise in homicides this year with a 38% increase compared to last year. This is in contrast to other major cities where murder rates are decreasing.

– In response, D.C. is increasing their visible police patrol to enforce stricter laws. Although officials have struggled to pinpoint a cause for this rise in violence, they are working to solve the problem efficiently.

This Week on Capitol Hill

Hearings of Interest: (All times EST)

Wednesday, October 11
– House Natural Resources Committee at 10:15 am EST

Thursday, October 12
– House Judiciary Committee Crime and Federal Government Surveillance Subcommittee at 10 am EST- Victims of Violent Crime in the District of Columbia