A growing University was seeking to re-establish Congressional ties that had faded over the years. After considering multiple different firms, they selected Lobbyit.com to rebuild their presence on Capitol Hill and create new allies. With the existing restrictions on federal earmarks, finding, identifying and supporting grant opportunities quickly became an additional priority. Utilizing multiple trips to campus, Lobbyit.com quickly came up to speed on the various needs, programs and courses of study at the University and established a very efficient grant tracking program. After re-establishing old relationships and building new ones, Lobbyit.com leveraged the relationships to not only obtain Congressional letters of support to strengthen grant applications, but facilitated multiple face to face meetings with University leadership and Members of Congress. This process culminated in a sitting U.S. Senator’s visit to campus for the new President’s inauguration, where she walked in the procession, participated in the ceremonies and gave a stirring 15 minute speech. This University continues to be a client of Lobbyit.com’s and recommendations are available.