A large, national association had come to realize that they were drastically overpaying for lobbying services and getting very little in return. Communications and deliverables were almost non-existent, leaving them feeling completely disconnected from Capitol Hill. When a potentially devastating regulation was introduced, they decided to sever ties with their previous representation and sign on with Lobbyit.com instead. Lobbyit.com began the new relationship by conducting an extensive orientation process and drafting supporting documentation for meetings with Congress. After breaking down the association’s membership roster by Congressional district, Lobbyit.com organized a massive “Hill Day” and secured dozens of high level meetings with their stakeholders in our government. Additional follow-up was undertaken utilizing Lobbyit.com’s strategic contacts on key Committee staffs. Ultimately, these efforts resulted in major victories against the harmful regulation that helped to ward off hundreds of millions of dollars of damage for the industry. The association continues to be a valued client of Lobbyit.com’s and recommendations from the Executive Director are available.